The Kansas Interdisciplinary Carbonates Consortium includes a diverse group of faculty, students, and collaborators.  Please click on the links above under “People” to see who is in the group!

KICC and the carbonates program at KU has grown in recent years and is currently among the strongest in the nation in terms of diversity of faculty, quality of research product, student productivity, and overall reputation.  It is broad, diverse, and strongly interdisciplinary, including students, faculty, and researchers who study modern carbonate sedimentology, seismic imaging, ground-penetrating radar, carbonate petrophysics, predictive carbonate diagenesis, quantitative sequence stratigraphy, reservoir modeling and fluid flow simulation, reservoir characterization, geochemistry, paleontology, ichnology, and geobiology.  This interdisciplinary group is providing novel insights and enhancing fundamental understanding of many aspects of carbonate systems.

Faculty and students receive many awards and honors for their research (e.g., four outstanding paper, talk, and poster awards in 2010 alone).  The program hosts former co-editors of both SEPM journals (Journal of Sedimentary Research and Palaios) and four SEPM council members.  Increasingly large numbers of high-quality graduate students apply to the program, and most students are successful at acquiring competitive grant funds for their research.  Upon graduation, graduate students and highly successful and productive.

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