Prospectus: Ongoing and Future Projects

KICC Prospectus

The 2016-2017 prospectus consists of 81 projects, which are presented below.  Each project description starts with a “SUBSURFACE APPLICATION” header, which lists specific reservoir or oil and gas plays to which the study might be applied.  Some applications are briefly listed here to highlight the diverse types of reservoir systems and spectrum of ages that KICC researchers study.  Details found in each individual project highlight the wide range of approaches and disciplines used and integrated to examine these systems.

Examples of subsurface application include:

  • Permian Basin Unconventionals such as Avalon, Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, Leonard, Wolfbone
  • Williston Basin Plays such as Bakken-Lower Lodgepole
  • Mississippian Lime in the US midcontinent
  • Niobrara
  • Eagle Ford
  • Organic Geochemistry and Porosity in Unconventionals in general
  • Carboniferous Midcontinent Reservoirs
  • Deepwater and slope carbonates in general including Tengiz and Korolev Fields in Kazakhstan, Miocene in southeast Asia, Avalon, Wolfcamp, Leonard, Bone Spring in Permian Basin, Cretaceous of Mexico
  • Lacustrine Analogs to presalt Brazil and offshore Angola
  • Microbial Reservoirs such as Brazil, Angola, Smackover, Arbuckle
  • Heterozoan Carbonate Analogs to offshore Venezuela and Offshore Vietnam
  • Sweet Spots in Unconventionals based on diagenetic, sedimentologic and stratigraphic studies
  • Hydrothermal Porosity Alteration including Ghawar Field, North Field, Ladyfern, presalt Brazil/Angola, Mississippian Lincoln County Colorado, Tengiz, Trenton-Black-River, Arbuckle/Ellenberger, Pennsylvanian Permian Basin and Midcontinent, Mississippian Lime in Kansas and Oklahoma, Shale plays of the Permian Basin, and Bakken/Lower Lodgepole play
  • Cretaceous Plays of Mexico
  • Jurassic-Cretaceous analogs to Middle East, offshore north Atlantic, offshore west Africa reservoirs
  • Permian Basin Conventional Reservoirs such as Grayburg-San Andres, Canyon, Cisco, Strawn,Wolfcamp
  • Dolomitized Reservoirs such as Smackover, Midcontinent Mississippian, Arbuckle, Grayburg/San Andres of Permian Basin, Mississippian Williston Basin, Arab
  • Unconformity-Related Porosity and Cementation such as San Andres, Tengiz, Arbuckle/Ellenburger/Tarim, Pennsylvanian/Permian of Permian Basin and Midcontinent, Mississippian Midcontinent, Shuaiba, Lisburne Group of Alaska
  • Isolated Platform Reservoirs such as Tengiz, Malampaya field, Philippines; Luconia province, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • Oolitic Reservoirs such as Cretaceous and Jurassic of Texas, Mexico, Middle East, North Africa, Permian of Texas, New Mexico, Carboniferous of Midcontinent
  • Reefal Reservoirs such as Cenozoic reservoirs in Southeast Asia, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, offshore westAfrica, and the Gulf of Suez
  • New Seismic Attribute advances
  • New Petrophysical advances
  • New Geochemical approaches
  • Improved EOR techniques

 The prospectus is organized around several themes.  To see details on projects associated with each, please click below: